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Google is spread out their arms and keep eyes on link building spammers. After effecting some important updates like penguin 2.1 or hummingbird, etc. Now the SEO Off-page Optimization is not getting positive results for the websites. Now how to get excellent results for our sites or webpages. Now how to get backlinks or traffic. Let's back to main topic after covers all updates. Social Bookmarking is still alive?.......Nothing is dead on never will die because we are not failed in our exam or we also make some other techniques who fitted with latest updates.

Social Bookmarking is the place where you all can bookmark you information with private or public. But if you are bookmarked and not follow the terms of condition of the site so the admin of page never give change again to bookmark anything new on his site. So first of all read guide or terms of bookmarking than update the information.

One more important thing that has to keep in mind while bookmark on social bookmarking site that is while submission the information you should have to select relevant categories for you details. If you don't do this so it will treat as spamming update. Because you are not going though process.

Social Bookmarking is still alive?

Ans. Social bookmarking is to save your favorite links whereas social networking is connecting with people on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.

Q. Social networking and social bookmarking?

A. You should use do follow bookmarking sites and high page rank site to submitting to get heavy traffic on our websites. All are available on the internet at free of cost.

Q. What are the best social bookmarking sites to use at present in order to help increase your sites traffic? Are these all free to use?

A. Backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO. They can quickly get you ranked higher on the search engines. But some time gets the direct traffic from it as well.

Do social bookmarks count as backlinks or is it more direct traffic that is the benefit?